You can’t miss the Roman Catholic Church when you are looking for real estate in Brookland or the Catholic University that has been here since 1887. The church is one of the largest in the world and is the biggest in the USA. The streets are lined with trees, and the area has been dubbed, “Little Rome” by locals because of the churches and chapels.

There are grassy lawns that you’ll find people relaxing and playing Frisbee on, and you’ll love that creativity is oozing here when you walk down the brick byway and look at the unique galleries. There are plenty of excellent eateries and bars, and you’ll find many guided and historical tours are available. Between the outdoor festivals and the charming nature of this neighborhood, you’ll love calling it home.

H Street

H Street has an eclectic way about it when it comes to dining, and you’ll find many robust flavors when you are selecting a local restaurant. It won’t take long to discover that by day you have plenty to do from sitting on garden patios at your favorite coffee shop to taking in an art exhibit.

At night, you can go to The Atlas Performing Arts Center to watch a performance, and be sure you add the H Street Festival to your fall calendar. The Fresh Farm Market that runs from April through December gives this neighborhood a feeling of community and togetherness that so many people buying a home strive to find. Plus, you have DC Streetcars to make this location even more convenient to get to and from.

Logan Circle

While Logan Circle has a very trendy vibe with funky décor and live music venues, it is complemented with historic architecture. You’ll love that you get rich and historic architecture from the Victorian townhouses, as well as being surrounded by revamped buildings that are converted by new restaurant owners. You can find some cool antiques and unique brews, on top of the retro décor that many of the eateries use to enhance their space.

The neighborhood is home to young and hip professionals that love the nightlife, as well as those that enjoy a nice brunch and a relaxing day at the park. The location is convenient and very walkable with easy access to the bus lines and Metro stations.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is easy to reach by bus line or the Metro. However, those that live in the area often prefer to walk or ride a bike. The Dupont Circle fountain is the centerpiece of this neighborhood, and you’ll find that locals enjoy going there to people-watch, read, relax, and soak up the sun. Don’t be surprised if there is a yoga class, farmers market, and other fun events going on throughout the year.

You can go from art gallery to art gallery on First Friday Dupont, as well as visit the Phillips Collection (which is the first museum of modern art in the USA). The locals are friendly, and it won’t take long for you to feel at home when you move to this part of the city.


Many residents of Bloomingdale live in lovely Victorian-style rowhouses that are colorful and full of charm. The neighborhood is also a beautiful place to spend the day shopping in the independent markets and eating in restaurants that are old and new to the area. You can also spend time outside by visiting Crispus Attucks Park that provides the perfect spot for soaking up some rays, stretching out under a shade tree to read a book or take a power nap, and to get a little exercise.

Eckington is a hidden gem that is proud of the friendly and calm community. You have plenty of outstanding architecture to please the eyes, and neighbors love the mature elms that provide a pleasing canopy around the block. People living here also get to take advantage of the Harry L. Thomas Recreation Center that has everything from a pool to a playground.

U Street

If you prefer an energetic atmosphere, then U Street is worth checking out. The shops are fun, and the restaurants make you feel at home with their hearty and soulful menus. If you love live music, especially jazz, you’ve come to the right place and will soon discover locals can’t get enough of this section of the city that stays up late and embraces the nightlife.

Beyond the energetic vibe of U Street, you’ll also find many historical aspects that have contributed to the rich history of art and music like the Howard and Lincoln theaters. Black culture is celebrated proudly, and U Street embraces the heritage that has been a key ingredient in keeping this part of the city funky and fun.


Georgetown is a charming and peaceful location in the Washington DC area and is visiting by tourists and beloved by locals. While you can find plenty to do from shopping to visiting art galleries to dining at local eateries, you’ll also discover that there is so much more to Georgetown. If you find joy in nature, then you can take advantage of Georgetown Waterfront Park for a walking, kayaking, and bike riding. You can also take a historical tour and see places like JFK’s home or a mansion from the 18th century.

The cobblestone sidewalks add to the appeal of living in Georgetown, and you’ll get to enjoy many cultural events and free attractions. The area is very easy to walk about, and when you need a break, pop into a riverside bar to soak up the views.

City Center

The City Center is modern and sophisticated, and people love visiting this 10-acre hot spot that is filled with exceptional restaurants and local eateries run by renowned chefs and professionals. The condos and apartments are spacious and unique, and many will come with a balcony so that you can enjoy spectacular views of the City Center below.

The shopping will be high-end and feature stores like Kate Spade New York and Burberry, and you can easily access this location via bike or car, as well as conveniently commuting on the close by Metro stations and bus lines. Whatever mood you’re in, you’ll find a day spent walking around the City Center will lead you to mouth-watering food, lots of shopping, and beautiful surroundings.

Capitol Hill

The historic district of Capitol Hill is filled with homes representing many styles of architectural design, giving it a diverse and defiant appeal that the community embraces. There are plenty of exceptional eateries that you can walk to, as well as parks, libraries, bookstores, and gardens. Because of the centralized location of Capitol Hill, you’ll appreciate the accessibility of the South and Eastern Market Metro stations that multiple lines meet.

Those that live and work in the Capitol Hill neighborhood keep a very casual profile and seamlessly coexist with the government that surrounds the area. You’ll find people enjoying cafés in their workout clothes right beside business professionals grabbing a coffee before work. As one of the oldest and historic neighborhoods in Washington, DC, Capitol Hill (named by Thomas Jefferson) is a lively location beloved by many.

Ledroit Park

Ledroit Park is a historic district that has an instant feeling of community. The area works in close cooperation with Howard University, and you’ll find students live in the area. Walking down the street is exciting because you get to see the beautiful preservations that have been made to the homes and buildings. Take the time to visit the Howard Theater and grab a bite at one of the local eateries.

The neighborhood is filled with character and encourages multi-cultural living. You’ll notice right away that many of the beautiful homes have eye-catching gardens that make each bike ride or walk even more enjoyable. Also, you’ll have close access to buses, and you can catch the Metro near the university.

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